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For sexier, more slender looking legs try the revolutionary new all-natural supplement Slenderlegs. The innovative combination of ingredients helps reduce water retention in the calves, aid circulation, and lessen the appearance of unsightly varicose veins, revealing beautiful looking legs.


An innovative supplement that combats health-related aspects which lead to unsightly legs, to help you reveal sexier, smoother looking legs, you won't be able to wait to show off!


Slenderlegs has been designed to help promote healthy blood flow within the body to help keep unsightly veins at bay. The supplement may also help reduce water retention which can swell the calves making legs appear fatter than they truly are. The result? Beautiful, more slender looking legs.


What does Slenderlegs do?

  • It contains Beetroot which contains sodium & magnesium both of which helps to maintain proper fluid levels within the body. Also contains nitrate to help lower blood pressure
  • Green Tea contains polyphenols that help lower cholesterol levels
  • Nattokinase acts as an effective anti-coagulant
  • Ginger aids circulation & reduces platelet activity
  • Vitamin E helps prevent blood clots forming
  • Red Grape Skin Extract possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help promote healthy blood vessels & treat varicose veins
  • Dandelion Root has a high potassium content which may produce diuretic properties, increasing urination thus aiding fluid retention

Can Slenderlegs Help Get Slimmer Legs

Can Slenderlegs Help Get Slimmer Legs

The supplement may also help reduce water retention which can swell the calves making legs appear fatter than they truly are. The result? Beautiful, more slender and slimmer looking legs.

"Fat ankles are no longer a worry of mine as Slenderlegs manage to keep water weight in the legs at bay. Loving the way my legs look right now!"

"Slenderlegs has helped minimise my leg swelling so much so that I have started to wear skirts again and have been complimented on how slim they look without me working out!"


How Can Slenderlegs Help Varicose Veins?

Varicose Veins Healthy Veins

What are Varicose Veins?

In short – ugly! They are swollen veins that lie underneath the skin. They look lumpy and dark blue or even purple and generally affect the legs, especially the calves but sometimes the thigh.

Varicose veins occur when blood is unable to flow properly through the veins in your legs. There are two main types of veins in your legs:

Superficial, which lie directly under your skin, and deep veins.

Superficial veins are connected to the deep ones. When blood doesn't flow properly from your superficial to deep veins, pressure can build up. This is more often than not due to problems with the one way valves that stop blood flowing back into the superficial veins. As a result, blood collects or pools in the superficial veins which then become known as varicose veins.

Varicose veins are very common and affect more women than men!

Now knowing the cause of Varicose veins, it is easy to see why the all-natural supplement Slenderlegs that helps improve circulation is an ideal, simple way to help keep them at bay, as well as to help diminish the ones you may already have.

By taking Slenderlegs daily you can help yourself get the attractive legs you desire. Great circulation means no unsightly leg veins, and with the added benefit of the ingredient dandelion root, no fluid retention in the calves, so all you see are slender, beautiful, eye-catching legs.


How Slenderlegs works?

How Slenderlegs Works

The more we move, the better our circulation. Blood flows more productively when we are active. When we stand for long periods of time, for instance, for work, or live an inactive lifestyle, blood flow slows. This can lead to poor circulation and pooling of blood in veins which can lead to varicose veins. Legs look much sexier without unsightly veins which is where Slenderlegs can help.

To enable you to have the best looking legs you can, taking a daily supplement like Slenderlegs can help. The mixture of circulation boosting ingredients helps support healthy circulation. A healthy circulation can also help diminish the appearance of unsightly veins. Varicose veins are usually caused by weak vein walls and valves.

This is because inside your veins are tiny one-way valves that open to let blood flow through and then close to prevent it flowing backwards.

But sometimes, the walls of the veins can become strained and lose their elasticity, causing the valves to weaken. If the valves don't work correctly, blood can flow backwards and if this happens, blood collects in the veins which then become swollen and enlarged.

So, if your circulation is healthy, so to can be the look of your legs!


Key Ingredients in Slenderlegs

Key Ingredients in SlenderlegsEvery ingredient within each capsule of Slenderlegs has been carefully chosen to specifically help each aspect of leg health that will help prevent varicose veins as well as improve circulation. Read more to discover just how Slenderlegs widens blood vessels to promote and support healthy blood flow. They even help prevent blood thickening, coagulation and blood pooling.

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Slenderlegs in the Press

Slenderlegs in the PressWant to know how to prevent varicose veins the natural way? Read more and we will show you. Red grape skin, Vitamins, garlic, ginger and beetroot to name a few ingredients, go a long way to healthier looking legs

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Discover the Science behind Slenderlegs

Beetroot contains nitrate which has been shown to help lower blood pressure. In 2012, Hobbs et al published a study in the British Journal of Nutrition titled 'Blood pressure-lowering effects of beetroot juice and novel beetroot-enriched bread products in normotensive male subjects'. The findings demonstrated significant hypotensive effects of a low dose (100g) of beetroot which was unaffected by processing or the presence of betacyanins. They concluded that the data strengthened the evidence for cardioprotective Blood Pressure lowering effects of dietary nitrate-rich vegetables. Researchers Cole & Clifton in 2012 conducted a study, also published in the British Journal of Nutrition that concurs with Hobbs.

A French study conducted in 1985 by Thebaut et al found that red grape skin extract at a dose of 100mg three times per day significantly improved heaviness, swelling and leg discomfort from chronic venous insufficiency, which is considered a similar condition to varicose veins. Over a period of 1 month, 75% of the treated patients improved substantially. Research published by Constantina et al in "Minerva Cardioangiolica" in 1999 showed that red grape extract caused itching and pain to disappear in leg venous insufficiency in 80% and 53% of patients studied, respectively.

Nurtjahja-Tjendraputra et al, conducted a study which was published in "Thrombosis Research" 2003 titled 'Effective anti-platelet and COX-1 enzyme inhibitors from pungent constituents of ginger' showed ginger was an effective anti-coagulant. Researchers also found that gingerol was a more effective anti-platelet agent than aspirin.

A study titled 'Green Tea Catechins Improve Human Forearm Endothelial Dysfunction and have Antiatherosclerotic Effects in Smokers' published in the March 2010 issue of "Circulation Journal," Japanese researchers, Jun-ichi et al, found that high doses of green tea catechins daily, or about seven cups of tea – stabilised arteries and exerted anti-atherosclerotic effects in smokers.

The study published in the March 2009 issue of "Nutrition Research" reports that "Nattokinase supplements reduced concentrations of clotting factors in healthy volunteers and in people at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease".

Vitamin E can have an effect upon your platelet activity levels. A study titled 'Vitamin E inhibition on platelet procoagulant activity: involvement of aminophospholipid translocase activity' conducted by Kim et al, published in "Thrombosis Research" 2011 suggests that vitamin E can effectively lower the levels of activated platelets in your bloodstream, preventing the formation of blood clots within your body.

Garlic helps prevent platelets from sticking together. If you have a very high platelet count, you may have an increased risk of platelet accumulation and taking garlic may help to reduce the blood's ability to form clots. A study conducted by Rahman, published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2007 looked at the 'Effects of garlic on platelet biochemistry and physiology'. Rahman concluded that garlic prevents platelet aggregation through multiple mechanisms and may have a role in preventing cardiovascular disease.


Success Stories



As a result of pregnancy I got a few unsightly veins in my calf muscles. I hated them because not only did I have baby weight to lose which made me feel ugly, but I also had these vein things to deal with. I read online about how to prevent them with usual exercises, diet etc but then I read about beetroot, its effects on blood vessels and so I found Slenderlegs. Sceptical but desperate I tried it and to my surprise they actually helped. They have definitely made a difference in circulation as the unsightly veins have diminished to the point where I no longer worry about them (just the weight loss now I guess).



I work in retail so am standing all day. I often get tired, swollen legs, so I tried Slenderlegs as a way of 'reviving' them. Within a few weeks I noticed less swelling in my legs and feet which was wonderful as I didn't feel like an ogre when I got home and took off my shoes. Will definitely continue taking them as they have helped me so much.



As I work in an office, sat at a desk all day, I get swollen, tired legs. Guess I should move them more but I don't. Slenderlegs has helped minimise my leg swelling so much so that I have started to wear skirts again and have been complimented on how slim they look without me working out! I very happy with the results!


Composition (each capsule): Beetroot Extract – as strong as possible/available 150 mg, Red grape Skin Extract 80 mg, Dandelion root extract 80 mg, Green Tea extract – 90 % polyphenols 70 mg, Vitamin E (D- Alpha Tocopherol) 30 mg, Pine Bark Extract 50 mg, Nattokinase 30 mg, Ginger 10:1 extract 10 mg

Take 1 to 3 capsules per day

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Product Review(s) - 5 Reviews

Fat ankles are no longer a worry of mine as Slenderlegs manage to keep water weight in the legs at bay. Loving the way my legs look right now.

14 of 19 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Slenderlegs sounds like a ridiculous product but my legs really do look more slender and I feel far more confident wearing a skirt then I have in a long time. Worth a try!

12 of 18 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I sit all day at work, I drive home, I sit at home, and I sometimes travel via aeroplane for work…basically I sit A LOT. I knew I needed help with circulation as my feet were always cold! I noticed some fat looking dark veins appearing on my legs and thought I have to do something now. Been taking Slenderlegs for just over 3 months and have seen a big difference in the appearance of my legs. Veins are definitely reduced!

17 of 22 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I suffer from water retention which makes my calves look ten times fatter than they should be, especially in the evenings. Since using Slenderlegs this has almost completely ceased, so my legs look normal size again all day every day! Very Happy.

11 of 16 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Living a somewhat inactive lifestyle for so long I suffered with poor circulation and began to get some fat, dark coloured looking veins in my calves. I started taking Slenderlegs to help get my circulation going better and since using it the veins have become less visible (much less dark anyway). Have now got an active job so will see if that helps also.

9 of 12 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

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