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What is Pharmamuscle?

What is Pharmamuscle?Pharmamuscle® is a premium quality sports nutrition range designed for everyday men and women who lead busy, active lifestyles. Whether you are a weekend warrior, yoga lover, a gym-goer, a runner or simply like the occasional walk, the Pharmamuscle Range can help support your nutrition and fitness needs.

Pharmamuscle places the focus on you. We specifically design our products using the highest quality ingredients to provide optimum results for you, whether you’re an occasional gym goer or a professional athlete. The innovative and adaptable culture at Pharmamuscle® allows us to respond and create products to match your needs.

When you join Pharmamuscle, you join a community of like minded, performance focussed individuals and a brand that puts your needs first. We offer expert advice along with our superior products which ensures that Pharmamuscle sees you through to the end to reach your goals.

The Pharmamuscle brand is built on a foundation of three fundamental principles; innovation, science & quality. The combination of this triad of values ensures that our products are renowned for pureness, superior quality and most importantly delivering results which has lead to Pharmamuscle® quickly becoming a leading sports nutrition brand.


What is Pharmamuscle?“To help you achieve your goals by providing the highest quality nutritional supplements available”

Our premium quality products are aimed at all levels of fitness, from occasional gym goers, to sports enthusiasts and experienced professional athletes. Our products are researched and developed by leading sports nutritionists with a wealth of experience in improving the performance of world-class athletes, sportsmen and those seeking a more active lifestyle. The Pharmamuscle range helps users lead a healthier lifestyle.

We do not compromise on pureness or quality and guarantee our products with a no quibble money back guarantee. All our products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards using GMP certified facilities in the UK. We are registered in the UK and are independently owned meaning we do not compromise on product quality.

Is it right for me?

Pharmamuscle® has been designed by experts to provide the highest quality nutrition for everyday men and women who have an active lifestyle. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a regular gym goer, the Pharmamuscle range has been formulated to support your every need. The versatility of our products enables you to gain maximum benefit from any exercise you take part in as the nutritional support that Pharmamucle products delivers the essential nutritional support your body needs.


  • Premium quality natural ingredients from Informed Sports certified sources
  • Developed by leading experts using research based science to guarantee results
  • 100% pure, active and concentrated, without binders, fillers and other chemicals
  • Trusted and recommended by leading sports professionals
  • 100% Vegetarian and endorsed by the Vegetarian Society
  • Free from gluten, wheat, added sugars, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colours or flavourings

We also offer expert advice through a panel of established sports experts and nutritionists, ensuring consumers choose the right products for their particular needs. Our technical and performance team also develops bespoke nutritional products and works with elite athletes, National Governing Bodies and professional sports teams.


We are committed to providing you the assurance that all of our products are of the highest quality. We test each of our batches and carefully regulate production and quality so you can trust Pharmamuscle to supple a premium product. All Pharmamuscle products carry clearly detailed label information, including full ingredient listings, full nutrition information and usage directions.

How does it work?

Pharmamuscle® products deliver the highest quality nutrition to support your body and muscle and effectively provide real, measurable results. Pharmamuscle® products are designed around three core principles; innovation, science & quality. The combination of this triad of values ensures that our products are renowned for pureness, superior quality and most importantly delivering results which has lead to Pharmamuscle quickly becoming a leading sports nutrition brand.


Our ethos of producing premium quality sports supplements that have been proven to be effective ensures that all of our products create a real and measurable improvement in your fitness.

We believe that the superior quality of our supplements is the key to delivering results and Pharmamuscle makes no compromises to obtain all ingredients from the highest quality sources available. Our products can easily be distinguished from other supplements based solely on quality.


Pharmamuscle is the leading producer of scientifically advanced sports nutrition. We only supply the very best natural products backed by scientific research and analysis.

Our in-house scientists collaborate with our nutritionists to conduct research into the active ingredients to ensure that they have been scientifically proven to create a real impact. We specifically select ingredients that are backed by hard, scientific evidence so we can be sure that the product you pay for will have a proven biological effect.


Pharmamuscle is the leading producer of scientifically advanced sports nutrition. We only supply the very best natural products backed by scientific research and analysis.

Our in-house scientists collaborate with our nutritionists to conduct research into the active ingredients to ensure that they have been scientifically proven to create a real impact. We specifically select ingredients that are backed by hard, scientific evidence so we can be sure that the product you pay for will have a proven biological effect.

Evidence & Trials

Pharmamuscle® products have been formulated using ingredients that have been scientifically validated using research and evidence to show that they have a real physiological effect.

We include information on scientific studies that show how the specific ingredients we choose to include in Pharmamuscle products have an effect to improve performance and recovery.


100% of the proteins in WHEYMAX® are hydrolysed to varying degrees. Hydrolysing is a process through which intact proteins are strategically broken down into smaller fragments, called peptides, for faster delivery and easier utilisation by your body. WHEYMAX’s exclusive combination of mild, moderate, and ultra-hydrolyzed proteins provides di-, tri-, and oligo-peptides while retaining select microfractions naturally found in whey.

New research has highlighted the increased insulinotropic effects of hydrolysed whey protein, WHEYMAX, compared to native cheaper whey protein. The graph below shows a faster and greater insulin response to whey protein hydrolysate compared to standard whey proteins. The research, carried out at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Limerick highlights the value of an increased insulin response in increased glucose uptake which aids recovery and reducing muscle injury post exercise.


The combined effects of increased insulin response and elevated circulating amino acid levels demonstrated by WHEYMAX in the critical post exercise recovery period point to the ingredient’s effectiveness for refuelling muscles and preventing muscle injury. In addition, the high biological value of the ingredient and the antioxidant effects of its amino acids offer further benefits for professional and amateur sportspeople. In effect, the enhanced insulinotrophic response of WHEYMAX relative to other proteins means that less protein is required to provide the same rise in insulin.


During exercise, cellular glucose levels fall and glycogen stores are depleted as they are hydrolysed to release energy and proteins are catabolised (broken down) as a final measure to meet the energy demands of muscles which can lead to loss of muscle mass.

Whilst most amino acids are metabolised in the liver, BCAAs are primarily oxidised to release energy for contraction in muscle tissue. The muscle specificity of BCAA oxidisation makes BCAAs an essential and effective supplement to fuel muscle contraction, amplify endurance and prevent muscle catabolism. Results show an increased level of BCAA in the blood during and after exercise reflecting a significant increase in BCAA oxidisation during prolonged exercise.

Arterial BCCA level (umol l-1)


Glutamine has been the subject of extensive scientific research and has been proved to facilitate growth and recovery of muscle making it an essential supplement to prevent catabolism of muscle tissue after work-outs. Glutamine is known as the healing supplement and many clinical studies have shown that glutamine supplementation increases the recovery time after high intensity exercise.

Glutamine has been shown to increases muscle mass, and enable improved performance. In a study, high intensity exercise was used to measure time to exhaustion as a measure of power and endurance. The graph below shows that the time to exhaustion is higher in the group taking glutamine supplements compared to those that are not taking a supplement.

Effects of Glutamine on Time to Exhustion

Our Ambassadors

Recognised for absolute quality and innovation, our expert team work with a number of selected brand ambassadors, sports teams and personal trainers chosen for their ideals, ethics and ambition.

Please contact us by sending an email to if you would like to know more about opportunities for sponsorship. We are currently recruiting new Ambassadors.

Sam Dunbavin

Sam Dunbavin, is an 18 year old beach volleyball athlete from North Devon, playing volleyball and beach volleyball for around 8 years. Sam has represented the South of England at indoor volleyball, competed on the National Adult Volleyball England Beach Tour and on the Junior Beach Tour, with 3 stage wins. Over the last year, he has been coaching and playing beach volleyball extensively, at home in Croyde, and abroad in Tenerife, Bibione and Austria. He also stood as a reserve for the Under 18 NEVZA (Northern European) tournament in Norway last year, and as a member of the England Junior Beach squad. On the horizon this year is Sam’s first international event, the ASVO Beach Trophy invitational in Austria in June, a number of VEBT events, and trials for inclusion in the England U20 international squad for the Summer.

Rob Jude

Rob Jude is a National triathlete and marathon runner who has competed in Olympic triathlons in Ullswater and Hyde Park, as well as the Painbarrier, Hell runner, Major Series, Ironma, the Etape Eryri Sportive and Manchester 100 mile bike challenge and Wiggle Etape Cymru. Rob’s fitness journey has seen him go from 22 stones to just under 15, and he continues to push himself.

Competing In The Following Events In The Next 12 Months.

Market Drayton 10k – 11th May

Slateman Olympic Tri – 18th May

Outlaw 70.3 – 1st June

Chester Olympic Tri – 8th June

Keswick Olympic Tri – 15th June

Castle series Cholmondeley 70.3 – 29th June

Tour Of England Cycling Sportive – Yorkshire series – 19th & 20th July

Outlaw Ironman Distance Tri – 27th July

Equinox 24hr running event – 20th & 21st September

Case studies

Luke Flannigan

Luke FlanniganAge: 22

Weight: Before: 13 After: 10

Waist: Before: 32 After: 30

What were your goals?

I’ve always kept fit by playing a range of sports, from football to rugby, to running at school, but the difficulty that I’d find is that I could never bulk up. My weight had stayed at 10 stone for the last 5 years or so, so when I hit 6ft tall, you can imagine how lanky I looked standing next to my friends, they were keen to remind me of this fact at every opportunity, and I lost a lot of confidence during my university years. I was eating takeaways and packet foods, picking whatever was cheapest without ever thinking to check nutritional content, or how what I was eating would affect the way I looked.

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?

When I finished university and finally had some disposable income, I decided it was time to stop eating processed packet foods and consider eating healthily. I switched processed foods to wholefoods, and tried to avoid packaged meals and anything too carb heavy. I also joined a gym, which was a first for me, and pretty intimidating to walk through the doors for the first time, next to muscled guys who looked like they spend their lives there.

Describe the results you achieved with your Pharmamuscle program. What achievements are you proud of?

A friend from the gym mentioned that he’d been taking Pharmamuscle hydrolysed whey protein to help with recovery after his workouts. Protein shakes weren’t something that I’d ever considered, as I’d always imagined them to contain various chemicals and unsafe ingredients but after I’d started working them into my routine, I’d found that I was getting less and less injuries, and my muscles were less sore afterwards, allowing me to work out for longer and push myself further. Pharmamuscle stood out for me as it’s 100% pure and natural, so I knew I could trust the formula. Once I’d gotten used to the product range, I also tried Metaburn Sport, a Thermogenic blend with green tea and green coffee bean, which helped boost my metabolism and trim fat, so I can concentrate on lean muscle definition. I’m now at 13 stone, and my dead lift has risen to 140kg, whilst my dumbbell press has risen from 18 to 45kg, they might just seem like numbers to everyone else but to me they represent a massive journey. I no longer feel like a fraud walking into a gym, and my girlfriend seems pretty happy with my new healthy regime!


MaryAge: 34
Weight: Before: 44 After: 40
Waist: Before: 35 After: 30

What were your goals?

I started out at 16 stone in September 2013 and finally decided that I needed to take real action to stop myself putting on any more weight. I set myself the goal of fitting into one of my old dresses that I had saved from when I had a more slender figure. I found Metaburn and decided to start taking this as well as going to the gym regularly. I lost 3lbs in two weeks and now 6 months on I’ve lost close to 2 stone and I have achieved my goal. But I’m not stopping there. I’m continuing my training and will carry on taking Metaburn too for its fantastic results in speeding up my weight loss.

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?

My friend recommended that I try METABURN to help me lose weight. From the day I started taking it I noticed a huge difference. I felt energetic and refreshed and it really started to melt the fat away. With the same sort of diet plan and exercise that I was on previously I barely lost any weight, but with METABURN, I lost almost 3 lbs in two weeks.

Describe the results you achieved with your Pharmamuscle program. What achievements are you proud of?

METABURN has given me some fantastic results. I have definitely reached my original goal and I feel happy and confident in myself now. Pharmamuscle has given me the motivation to do more – I am continuing my weight loss and have even started taking Wheymax to help build muscle to boost my metabolism. For anyone trying to do the same as me, I would say look no further than METABURN. It’s a great product and the results are fantastic. Remember to take breaks in your training regime and have the occasional naughty treat to keep yourself motivated and on target.

Recommended by Experts

The ranges have been professionally developed by a leading team of health experts and nutritional industry experts. Working closely with gym goers and sporting professionals the range of products have been developed with results in mind.

We are proud to be working with the best in the industry, ensuring we have innovative product development, excellent product research, clinical trials and publish research on our products. Our team of consultants provide extensive support to the elite teams we work with across a variety of sports to ensure they have the finest support and advice with which to fuel their ambition.

Advanced Research Based Products

Our R&D team are often asked to formulate special products to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Paul Chamberlain – Expert Nutritionist

Paul Chamberlain - Expert NutritionistPaul Chamberlain is a nutrition consultant and sports nutritionist with an MSc in applied sport and exercise nutrition and supports both elite and amateur athletes in a variety of sports. As a CNHC, NTCC and BANT registered nutritional therapist Paul combines general nutrition alongside the latest sports nutrition principals to ensure that long-term health and immediate performance needs are addressed.

Paul ensures that he is up to date with the latest science and nutrition research through regular attendance of seminars and lectures, and reading relevant scientific journal papers. Paul’s integrated approach is always to impart knowledge with a view to clients eventually becoming self-sufficient in understanding their performance and general nutrition needs, and how these can be met through appropriate food choices.

With practical experience of physiological testing Paul has liaised closely with exercise physiologists to provide nutrition support to individuals in elite tennis and elite squash, in addition to numerous amateurs in a variety of sports. Paul is also an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who has lectured extensively in the UK and around the world.

Paul Chamberlain - Expert Nutritionist

Professional Training

Our experts include experienced Personal Trainer, Rob Jones who ensure that the constantly evolving area of sports nutrition and product development is passed on.

Rob Jones - Expert Personal TrainerRob Jones – Expert Personal Trainer

Pharmamuscle® has been endorsed by Rob Jones, Personal Training and Outdoor Fitness Expert. Rob is an advanced personal trainer, outdoor training expert and fitness writer based in Brighton and the South Downs. With a degree in Biological Sciences, a postgrad in Exercise and Health, a specialist qualification in Cardiac Rehabilitation and regular fitness training columns in national papers and glossy magazines, Rob has an understanding of the science behind the training and an ability to translate it to others. His knowledge is backed by years of experience as a personal trainer, kettlebell coach and bootcamp instructor. To check out more about Rob and his training visit:

“If you’re looking to get the physique and performance you want, you’ll need both training and nutrition plans that are targeted to your goals. Whether it’s to increase body size and gain muscle, to build strength and power or to get lean and defined, reaching your goals fast, effectively and safely must include proper nutrition. Pharmamuscle’s range of premium sports nutrition products are scientifically formulated to support each individual training need.”

Rob Jones - Expert Personal Trainer

Exercise Tips

Rob Jones – Expert Personal Trainer

                                                               Our expert Personal Trainer, Rob Jones provides you with some great exercise to help you reach your goal.

                                                                 Follow these muscle building essentials when crafting your weekly workout and you can’t go wrong in increasing both size and definition.

Mass-building reps and sets.
The key to building mass will be reaching no more or less than 8-12 repetitions with the muscle building exercises in your workout, and to repeat this for between three to five sets. Select a weight where you hit fatigue between the 8-12 reps and be sure to rest at least 1.5-2 minutes between sets.

Different muscles on different days
You’re going to be working muscles hard so split the size building element of your workouts onto different days. Always ensure that you balance the work on both left and right sides of the body and on opposing muscle groups (e.g. chest and back muscles).

Muscle building nutrition
Use sports-specific nutritional supplements to aid muscle growth. Look for protein supplements containing whey isolates, a high quality protein easier for the body to digest and absorb, and a multivitamin to replenish the nutrients that encourage healthy tissue growth.

Take time to recover
Leave at least 48 hours between mass building exercises focusing on the same muscle groups to allow adequate time for recovery. Support and enhance your recovery time by using sports nutrition supplements containing creatine monohydrate, a protein essential for enhancing speedy muscle growth and recovery.

Get definition
Trim body fat, gain definition and improve muscular condition by adding ‘final finishers’ to the end of each and every workout. Finishers are 5-10 minute high rep, high-intensity workouts designed to hit all muscle groups with compound exercises and stimulate EPOC – a fat burning effect that lasts for hours post-exercise. Further support your exercise fat burn by adding a thermogenic sports nutrition supplement to your daily diet.

Essential movements
Ensure you include the following essential movements into every workout – either in the main size building element of your workout or within the final finisher: pushing exercises, such as a shoulder or bench press; pulling exercises, such as back rows or pull-ups; squatting exercises; and hinging exercises, such as a dumbbell or kettlebell swings.